Sunday, February 24, 2008

I luvs my Mac! LUVS my Mac!

Okay, my last blog entry warned you that I would be out of commission for a week or two. Turns out that warning was premature. I spoke to the Tech at the Genius Bar, and it turns out that my computer shutting off abruptly was due to a battery not being able to hold a charge, and since it was under warranty, they replaced it right then and there. Well, since I was at that point emotionally prepared to be without my computer for a few days(gosh, that sounds like I'm addicted! ;-) ), I asked him to fix the DVD drive, too. Turns out he could do that by just taking a wedge and widening the opening that had collapsed. He also replaced the case that was cracking.

And at first, he said it would only take three days, and then later he said, "Do you have 30 minutes you can kill?"

I said, surprised, "Sure, can you fix it that fast?"


"Okay, great! Do it!" I smiled.

So I now have my MacBook back, and I can play DVDs in it again! Yay! I have come up with several reasons why this happened:
  • This is a demonstration of the power of prayer-I prayed that my computer would be fixed quickly, and this exceeded my expectations.
  • This is a blessing for paying tithing-Mom pointed out that she got a job and I got my computer fixed right as we pulled the resources together for me to make up the discrepancy in my tithing payment
  • This is definitely the right time for me to start that game programming training(and probably to use all those books that I already own, too!)
  • I came up with the idea for another infopreneuring book-The Subway Warrior!
  • This was just me being silly and not realizing that I could have solved this problem a long time ago without all this worry. ;-)
So which of these interpretations is true? I say they all are. :-)

BTW, my mom did get the aforementioned job and will be starting tomorrow. She's working for Freedom Mortgage which is one mile from her house(she even said she may walk to work on Fridays. She'll get exercise and she'll save on gas! Yay!), and they also have an office in Mt. Laurel. Sure, Mt. Laurel is closer to Philly than it is to New York, but we've discussed getting together when she does have to come to Mt. Laurel. As for my job situation, I had a job interview last Monday-it's part time, but it pays $18/hour, which should keep me at a regular income, but on a stable basis, while also giving me time for my Market America business, not to mention other projects. I've also been asked back for other jobs, but I'm playing phone tag on those. Fortunately, my current temp assignment is a receptionist job, which means basically I answer the phone when it rings, but I spend most of the day online doing what I want to do. And I've been using that to send out resumes and invites to my product preview on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, in the financial realm, I went to Sue's presentation yesterday, and it was pretty impressive. I think my idea of having a MasterMind group to invest in IoFS just might work. There are plenty of people who would want to see this succeed, and if they could put a financial stake in the game, that would generate their interest a lot more. I've read The One Minute Millionaire and signed up for the conference calls on their website, so this should be a good start. And I'm on the fast track, too! Yay!

So things are starting to look up for me. Now all I need is to break through the marriage realm, and even that got a nice opening at Sue's seminar yesterday-someone who's looking to break through as a consultant in "How to be a Ladies' Man." I offered to be one of her guinea pigs. :-)

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