Sunday, March 9, 2008

Things are finally happening

I was talking with Alfie recently, and he pointed out to me that my blog was out of date. So here I am updating it. By the time I post next week, I should have my Market America business up and running. I have the tax refund, I've got the products picked out, so it's time to go. The one problem was that Mom doesn't approve. She was still trying to point out all the negatives to warn me about, trying to warn me of all the reasons why this might not work, and also reminding me of our current financial situation. But consider this: I got the tax refund, and it was enough to do this. It wasn't enough to do this and Game Institute, like I had hoped, but that gives me something to shoot for with my first commission check. Also consider that I have Alfie ready to join up under me. And here's the other thing I considered(and tried to explain to my mother but couldn't express because the black hole in my apartment that sucks in wireless signals was particularly severe tonight) was back in my experience first moving to New York-before I mailed off my deposit, people were looking at my Philadelphia apartment, but they always responded that they were looking at other places, and they weren't sure about mine, and they would get back to me-nothing committal at all. However, when I sent off the deposit check, the very next guy responded enthusiastically that he would take the apartment. I likened that to my job search-if we want to notice how, in spite of being perfectly qualified, I have not been getting any job offers, and I've been considering waiting until I had a permanent job to register, it's certainly possible that registering would actually be the catalyst for my job search to bear fruit so that I can at least be assured of maintaining the monthly expenses no matter what my sales may be.

I've also met a girl on LDSSingles, but she's not really a member of the church.  She's a member of the Apostolic United Brethren, so there would have to be a conversion for a marriage between us to take place.  I'm committed solid to a temple marriage, so technically that would mean she would have to convert, which I know is unfair of me to say.  Of course, it would be easier if she were part of a church that didn't believe in eternal marriage already, because I could use the argument that I feel so strongly about her that I want to be with her forever, and not just until death, but she not only believes in that doctrine, but the doctrine of polygamy.

Of course, this is rather confusing, since I think there are several women who could potentially be interested in me(I won't name names, since this is a public forum, after all), some I discovered even here in New York, and even one who is in my ward but that I really got to know thanks to the Taste of New York activity yesterday(which was completely rainy and was also botched up with the groupings and the computer algorithm).  I just need to find out who is open to a relationship with me, in terms of time and interest level.  Something tells me this can happen now.  But with whom?

The marriage prep class started today.  Surprisingly, there wasn't any opportunity to cause controversy.  Aww...  ;-)

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