Monday, January 21, 2008

A new tack

This week saw no new progress in my Market America business, although I did get a little bit of work. I'm still struggling with the web leads, but I finally realized after talking to Amy that I was totally not comfortable with cold calling, and that who I really wanted to be speaking to was who she called my "warm market." Then she asked me about what close friends I had(she used Alfie as an example) and then I realized that I don't spend the time to get close to people. As if I'm afraid to be disappointed by them. I guess this would be the perfect place for me to have a breakthrough in the Relationships seminar, huh? But, in spite of this, I actually got on the phone and cold called for an hour, resistance and all, to call up some real estate agents regarding the text message marketing service. Go me. :-) My mother tells me that she doesn't think this is a good fit for me. I see her point, particularly after the severe discomfort I felt at the thought of doing cold calls(or warm calls!) but then again, let's face it-traditional employment isn't a good fit for me either. So I've got to find some alternative, right? Maybe I just need to do a good hypnotic trance to break the cycle of discomfort I have around making sales calls. Particularly around those products I know are good and that can do some good-namely the Isotonix vitamins, the Transitions system, and probably others I haven't even discovered yet. Perhaps I need to give Pauline a call again and get a shakedown to get out of my own way-sure I benefit from the sales, and it's hard to take that out of the equation and just have it be about what would benefit the person on the other side of the table. Or maybe it's just hard to be patient and let them take their own time getting to yes.

Meanwhile, I realized that I had let Irony of Fate slip again, but I think VDO could give me an access. Danny is interested in creating a full size RPG and promoting it, so maybe I could talk to him about using his same promotional vehicle for Revolution's Dawn. I finally started work on the script for The Galactic Vikings, and Danielle and I are working on Sorceress Curse.

I've been reading Think and Grow Rich lately, and reading that has been really insightful. I think I'll have to read that a couple of times before I move on to the next book. I need to start taking some of the advice that's in the book! The most recent chapter I've read so far has been the most powerful-the one on decision. Make decisions quickly and change them slowly, if at all. That's something I need practice on. I think I change my decisions often when something goes wrong with my plans, and then I let some things go that I had intended to accomplish.

I also met with Brook and filled out my storehouse order. She said it was confidential, and I realize this is a blog, which means it's public, but hey, I don't care. If this is meant to be read by those closest to me, then they might as well get the whole story. Anyway, the thing that struck me the most was when I admitted that I tend to eat fast food a lot when I'm running from place to place, and she told me that it would take a lot more planning to stick with just the food I'm getting from the storehouse. Well, maybe I can use more planning. Hell, maybe planning better will also enable me to fit everything in-taking time to build my Market America business, taking time to work on IoFS projects, taking time for church, for Landmark, for Liberal Mormon Musings, for my wife and children, and everything else. I mean, once I have that residual income and I don't have to go to work every day, then I'll need that keen planning ability to be able to manage all that extra time well. I just wish I had it already. ;-)

Katya and I are talking a lot more. I think we're growing closer together. If she reads this blog too soon, we may be in trouble if she thinks I'm assuming we're more committed than we are at this point. I could see us having a great marriage together, and I do love her, but there's still the cautious side of me that's prepared for the chance that she'll leave me like I've been left before. Still, she did say she needed me, and she did want me to tell her that I need her, so I think there's something more there.

I've been following the elections, and believe it or not, I think there's a chance we may be moving towards a scenario where Dennis Kucinich(or someone like him) could be president. It will happen in one of these ways:
1)There will be no clear winner going into the Democratic convention, and we'll have a brokered convention. In that case, the delegates will have to look at the possibility of another candidate other than their own, and Dennis will finally get some notice, and finally, enough that he emerges as the candidate. If that is the case, then he'll win the Presidency the same way he won every other office he's ever run for-defeating a Republican incumbent(which will be made easier this time since he wouldn't be running against an incumbent, but a Republican nominee from a likewise brokered convention)
2)Hillary gets the nomination and wins in November. She won't be that well liked(and would only win by virtue of tying the Republican candidate to the Bush agenda) and in 2012, the typical Democratic candidate would not run against her, but Dennis would. The media would have to acknowledge that Dennis was running, because they certainly couldn't pretend that Hillary was running for re-election unopposed. People would then finally notice that he is running, and they would notice that his policies are most in line with what the American people want, and he could defeat Hillary in her bid for re-election, and likewise go on to defeat a Republican opponent chosen from a crowded field.
3)Obama gets the nomination and wins in November, but I suspect he would have the good sense to choose Dennis as his running mate, which would have Dennis serve as Vice President for 8 years and then run for President again in 2016.
Now, if you think that we're going to have another Republican president coming out of this election, I think it would be unlikely, given Bush's unpopularity and the even more contested nature of the Republican field. Even Hillary would seem better than any Republican candidate(with the exception of Ron Paul) and would still win in November. Good thing, too-after 8 years of Bush damage, any given Democrat would be better than any given Republican.

Okay. It's 3AM, and I'm not going to get enough sleep, so it's time for me to finish this up. ;-)

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