Monday, January 28, 2008

Major surprises

First, I think I need to start off this week with a clarification-Katya is not my girlfriend. We have agreed several times that we would not enter into a committed relationship until we met in person. I got a clue that I might not have been clear when Alfie congratulated me on my "new girlfriend" based on what I put in my last post(although Alfie has been known to come to wrong conclusions before ;-) ), so I just want to make this clear. Ironically, just as I was coming home from the Relationship seminar and ran into Sarah Mason on the subway, where we discussed lots of the issues in the relationship domain, and she even offered to try and make some nudges with some of the women in the ward in that area. I appreciate it, and it sounds like a sign that that area of my life is about to break. :-)

Meanwhile, the money area is still stalled. After looking for new restaurants to call for websites, Amy suggested I hadn't been focusing enough on my warm market and suggested I turn back towards that. I did have some success calling real estate brokers about text messaging, and I even reached someone who was interested in looking at it, and by now he's had a week to look at it, so I need to follow up with him. The next step is to look around and leverage my efforts with the people around me and find out who they know who they can connect me with.

This week was marked by two shocking events that have a large impact-Kucinich's abrupt withdrawl from the Presidential race and Pres. Hinckley's passing. I'm rather disappointed that corporate interests were able to recruit opponents in Kucinich's congressional race that were successful in intimidating him out of his Presidential campaign, although on the other hand, if we can use this event to try and muscle Obama or Hillary(of which I think the former is more likely) into adopting the Kucinich platform, since now we've become an undecided demographic, and if they're both smart, they should realize that either one of them could steal us away from the other and nudge the other out on Super Tuesday. And if they were to recruit Kucinich as a prospective running mate and announce it before Super Tuesday, that could, in effect, seal the deal. Furthermore, if they did that, they might even attract some of those who weren't even going to support Kucinich in the first place, because what Kucinich put forth is exactly what they want anyway.

Meanwhile, Pres. Hinckley's funeral is scheduled for Saturday, after which Pres. Monson will be announced as the new President of the church, as well as his new counselors. I suspect Pres. Eyring will be re-called as a new counselor, since he was just called into the First Presidency so recently, and Pres. Monson will have enough to deal with without having to train two new counselors. I was surprised though. I actually thought Pres. Hinckley would make it to 100-he was definitely healthy for his age, and a lot healthier than Presidents Hunter, Benson, or Kimball were when they died. Then again, Pres. Lee's death shocked everyone too, given that he was in such good health when he became the President of the church and he had only been President for such a short time. Meanwhile, I'm not even going to speculate about what kind of Prophet Pres. Monson will be-I never would have guessed what Prophet Pres. Hinckley would have been like when he was First Counselor, and yet his transformation was magnificent. So we'll just have to wait until April General Conference(which seems like an eternity away now, even though it's only two months!).

Speaking of new callings, Matt got released as Elders' Quorum President with his impending marriage, and Joel Richards was called as the new Elders' Quorum President-with no counselors. I have no reason to expect to be called into the Elders' Quorum Presidency, but I have no reason to think I wouldn't be called either. I've been in the Family History Committee for over two years now, and Wayne Van de Graaf did indicate that they were considering giving me a new calling just before Bishop Carter was released. For all I know, they may just shake up the callings to find who the new counselors will be, and I'll just be caught up in the domino effect.

I got a new roommate on Wednesday-just barely before I had to leave for the Relationship seminar. ;-) In any case, he seems all right. I know I'm not that social of a person, and I'm less social around guys, but I don't see any potential conflict. He works in TV and is looking to get a job here in the city.

Leadership school is coming up. This week's task is to cause the money to get myself down to Miami, because that's going to unlock the door to success in Market America, and by extension, with everything else. I am still going to be an Executive Coordinator and complete the pay cycle by the end of the year, no matter what happens. I also am going to complete Rich Dad Academy and start my real estate investing career.

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