Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Okay, I know this is breaking with the pattern of one entry a week, but some things have happened that I want to write down now before I forget. One, I got my new phone today(so if you have my number, you can call me on it and test out how well it works). But the bigger event was the free Rich Dad real estate seminar. And they make real estate look very easy. Don't get me wrong-I know it's plenty of work. But still, it looks like something that's very doable, that generates some nice income, and can even be used to generate extra income when a situation warrants it. Plus, as having read in Sue Gilad's book, this could be an opportunity to serve the LDS community in New York, just like Market America would be a way to serve the LDS community. And with the income potential, this could be the funding that IoFS needs.

I'm going to find a way to get to Market America's leadership school in Miami, a way to take the Rich Dad academy, and to register for the Landmark Effectiveness seminar. It's just going to happen, because it's worth it.

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